Welcome to Thought Leaders in Business

As the curator of Thought Leaders in Business, allow me to be the first to welcome you.  Our mission statement is simple:  Thought Leaders in Business brings together leaders from the public and private sectors who have a vision about business that impacts a broad spectrum of industries and people.

We meet to listen, learn, and discuss emerging ideas about a range of topics including finance, marketing, government, legal, media, emerging market sectors, technical innovations and best management approaches and practices.

Our members include representatives from small, medium, and large businesses as well as government agencies. Our speakers inspire us to engage with each other and form teams who are passionate about innovative ideas and new paradigms for business growth.

As a 100% member-driven forum, we regard one another as resources for information, networking and strategic alliances for our interests.

We meet monthly in a salon setting, an intimate environment where speakers and participants can have personal, unhurried interactions with one another.  The format is that of a 30-45 minute presentation, followed by questions and answers.

This web site is the place for information on our upcoming events, materials from our speakers, and a place for to continue our conversation.

Thank you for joining us!  We all look forward to your participation and feedback.

Chris Moschovitis
Chairman & CEO
tmg-emedia, inc.
274 Madison Avenue
Suite 1202
New York, New York 10016