Future Focus: A Primer for the New Black in Engagement and Confidence in Investing

Bob Gay

Thursday, June 2, 2016
6:00 pm

Baker Hostetler
45 Rockefeller Plaza
Our Host: Dennis Cohen

IMG_9613We all make investment decisions at some point in our lives. The tools to support those decisions are stuck in a complex old narrative designed to be opaque and confusing.

There has been a disruption in the investment management world in recent years with the appearance of digital finance platforms, aka, the robo advisors. They answer the question: “How am I doing?” in the industry narrative of risk/return. They are getting people visually connected to their money in a very personal way.

What will that personal financial experience look like in the future? How will the narrative transform into one that is personal, empowering, entertaining and educational. Emerging technologies in big data analytics, machine-learning and virtual reality support the presentation of your financial life in a way that fosters engagement.

Robert Gay, a top ranked quantitative analyst among institutional investors, has patented a program to create intelligence from company financial statements. It illustrates valuable relationships that prescribe action. The relationships answer the question: “Why am I doing well/poorly?”

Bob will lead a conversation for what is possible when we add a third dimension and motion to the financial experience.

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