Business Operations Best Practices: Addressing Today’s Infrastructure Challenges to Create Systems for Tomorrow’s Growth

with Linda Kagan & Jeff Loehr

Thursday, July 7, 2016
6:00 pm

Baker Hostetler
45 Rockefeller Plaza
Our Host: Dennis Cohen

Every business needs a formula.  In fact, they need many operational formulas for every part of the business to keep systems and the people who run them in sync.

While this seems obvious, in practice it is not so.

Managers are so busy running their operations that they place the development of best practices on their “someday” list.  This does not produce optimal long term outcomes.
Linda Kagan and Jeff Loehr of Stratist, a management consulting firm, will address key approaches that business managers can use to create smart revenue, which is the revenue that can be leveraged for continual growth.

Infrastructure management is the primal force that fuels product and service improvements, new market entries, sales growth, financial stability, talent recruitment and client retention.

This evening will open a door for many business managers to discover that key enhancements can easily be integrated into their operations. Linda Kagan photo

Linda Kagan is a partner at the Stratist Group.  She has over twenty years of experience as a corporate restructuring and business attorney turned business strategist.  Her focus is on implementing strategies for growth and aligning businesses with complementary partners and leveraging these strategic partnerships to enter new markets.

Jeff Loehr photoJeff Loehr is a partner at the Stratist Group.  He has experience working with teams of all sizes and at all stages of company development, from developing a strategy for tech startups to creating an innovation program for the world’s deepest mine.  He works with teams and companies to create actionable strategies and the supporting infrastructure helping them grow, innovate and compete effectively.

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