The Affordable Health Care Act:
Current Prognosis and our Health Care Future

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 (Room TBA), 6:00pm

Kyle Healy
Vice President Group Benefits – Lenox Advisors

The media continues its voracious buzz about the pros and cons about The Affordable Health Care Act.  Politicos and pundits debate what should have been, what should be and what will be as we all try to understand the impact of Obamacare.

Kyle Healy, Vice President Group Benefits at Lenox Advisors, a top finanKyle Healy picturecial management firm, has extensive experience with benefits and labor issues.  He is uniquely qualified to address this timely and profoundly important topic.

Many managers, in both public and private sector organizations, are unsure about how to proceed in the era of health care exchanges, or marketplaces, that offer choices of plans and options.  The exchanges promise corporate efficiency versus the often-criticized inefficiency of the current health plan protocols.  But the questions are many, and the path very complex.

Please join us to hear how Kyle, sees how Obamacare will impact virtually every American company and individual in both broad and narrow ways.

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