What’s In Store for the Future of Print Media?

June 4, 2013 (Room TBA), 6:00pm (Promptly!)

Jack Griffin
Principal, Empirical Media Advisors

Print media has been facing strong headwinds from the digital world, with the public consuming media online and getting their news, information and reviews from blogs and subject-driven web resources.

Jack Griffin

Club member Jack Griffin of Empirical Media Advisors, is a veteran of print media and print media crises.  He has worked for Meredith Publishing and Time Inc., among many others where he has lead breakthrough initiatives as a publisher.

Jack will address the disruptions in the media landscape with some publishers moving entirely to a digital presence, others selling their assets and still others seeking to re-engineer their business to maintain both online and offline presences.

The implications for print media extend beyond that industry to include retail, entertainment and consumer product marketing.  There is much that weighs in the balance and Jack will offer his perspectives on what is ahead.


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