The Collapse of the NY Publishing Industry and the Rise of Self-Publishing

Michael LevinMichael Levin, President of Business Ghost, a prominent ghost writing firm for business professionals, has extensive experience in the publishing industry.

The publishing industry, historically based in six major companies in New York, has experienced significant dislocation in recent years, as the balance between writer, publisher and reader has shifted.  The Internet as a means for distribution has placed much more power in the hands of online retailers and writers.

Some will argue that readers reap huge benefits, as books, whether digital, print-on-demand or standard printed format, are offered at a fraction of traditional costs.  The traditional publishing business model, once unassailable, is proving to be pivotal in creating the industry’s decline.

Michael sees enormous opportunities for writers, nimble enough to change the way they conduct business and for readers whose shopping experience is vastly enhanced, defined by choice, browsing, access and price.

In Michael’s view, publishing is not over even as traditional publishing is receding rapidly into memory.

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