Fast-Track Workshop: 10 Innovative Ways to Transform Your Business Challenge

Mitchell Rigie, innovation consultant, corporate trainer, speaker and coauthor of the book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas, will share 10 proven ways you can innovate your product, service or business process in 2014.

Come prepared for an informative and interactive evening. You are encouraged to bring a real-world business challenge and discover new ways to improve, evolve, or transform it using the same types of creative problem-solving approaches that innovation-driven leaders like Apple, Google, and Nike use to stay on the cutting edge of their industries.

What you will learn in the workshop:Mitchell Rigie_Small_Hi-Res_CC_Final-3

  • What makes innovation so essential to your business success
  •  Why innovation is the “New Darwinism” in business
  • Understand the 3 most common types of business or product innovation
  • 10 ways you can innovate your product, service or business process
  • How to think and act more innovatively every day

Mitchell is a partner in SmartStorming LLC, a groundbreaking innovation consulting and training company that has worked with many of today’s most innovative companies, including: Google, Under Armour, NBCUniveral, Siemens, Diageo and Omnicom. Their SmartStorming Brainstorm Leadership training has been taught to MBA candidates at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Advance registration is required, as seating is limited.
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Please RSVP to Chris Moschovitis at RSVP@TMGR.COM