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Thought Leaders in Business Discussion: 3 Surprising Lessons in Service Design

When we think about the traditional rules of business, general platitudes come to mind like “Go above and beyond,” or “The customer is always right.” However, service design is changing the way we do business. With these changes creating leaner business models and more streamlined sales, we should accept that there are new lessons to […]

Woo, Wow, and Win! Service Design, Strategy, and the Art of Customer Delight

Join us at the re-launch of Thought Leaders In Business at the Yale Club, Thursday, March 9th, 6:00pm featuring best-selling authors: Tom Stewart & Patricia O’Connell discussing their latest book: Tom and Patricia will reveal the importance of service design for your company and offer executives in services businesses clear, practical strategies for designing and delivering great […]

Holiday Improv Celebration

with  David Armstrong & Jason Perez Tuesday, December 6, 2016 6:00 pm Location: Baker Hostetler 45 Rockefeller Plaza Our Host: Dennis Cohen RSVP HERE It’s holiday time and so we will celebrate the holidays as only Thought Leaders can… with a comedy party. That’s right, a time to laugh. Join us on December 6 at […]

Cyber Security: An Issue that Keeps on Growing

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 6:00 pm NOTE OUR NEW LOCATION! Baker Hostetler 45 Rockefeller Plaza Our Host: Dennis Cohen Cyber security is an issue that only grows in every corner of our global garden.  Some would say it is an invasive weed with no herbicide in sight. Every day, we face headlines in the media, from […]

The Democratization of the Media: PR for the Rest of Us

with  Jess Todtfeld Tuesday, January 5, 2016 6:00 pm NOTE OUR NEW LOCATION! Baker Hostetler, 45 Rockefeller Plaza Our Host: Dennis Cohen What if public relations were not the exclusive domain of the largest firms with large PR agencies? What if the power of the media was available to everyone? With the plethora of outlets now […]

The Changing Face of Sales in an Information-Heavy Society

with  Jill Schiefelbein Monday, November 2, 2015 6:00 pm NOTE OUR NEW LOCATION! Phillips Nizer LLP 666 Fifth Avenue at 52nd Street 28th floor Information about businesses is being produced at an unprecedented rate, but not all of it is accurate, nor is it being consumed. This is the era of information overload. Statistics show […]

New York Architecture 2.0 What Urban Planning and Design is Possible for a Livable City

with Kent Johnson October 6, 6:00 pm, Yale Club New York is experiencing significant growth in the real estate sector with a number of competing entities seeking to live and work here. Some may argue that this trend is a spur to the continued viability of the city as a desirable economic marketplace. Others would […]

Creation of Abundance as Daily Reality

with Charles Biderman September 1, 6:00 pm Abundance grants us freedom, security and the energy. The on-going question remains: How to create abundance as a daily reality when worries, anxieties and concerns from the past and present intrude. Charles Biderman has developed Abundance as a Daily Reality, a practice based on ontology, the science of being […]

Digital Media ROI Blueprint for Success: What You Need to Know

with  Gerard Boucher Tuesday, August 4, 2015 6:00 pm Yale Club, Room TBA Everyone knows that digital media is something they – and their organization – need to embrace. References to today’s digital world are all around us and there is a sense of urgency to adopt digital marketing techniques in your business or be […]

How 3D Printing Will Rock Your World

with John Hornick July 7, 6:00 pm, Yale Club 3D printers are the most powerful machines humans have ever invented because they can make finished products, with all their parts, fully assembled. Driven by a digital blueprint of the finished product, they do so by building up layer upon layer of plastic, metal, or other materials, […]