All Possible Worlds: How Data is the Real Engine of Creativity

with Alex Toplansky

March 3, 6:00 pm

Alex ToplanskyIn the information economy, creative thinking is emerging as a key survival skill for leaders. But while it is often made to sound like an innate talent, creative thinking is a learned discipline. Successful creative professionals have learned that organization, communication and data, not ideation, are the cornerstones of actionable creativity.

For the past 10 years, Alex Toplansky has designed and produced interactive products ranging from B2B analytics tools to blockbuster video games. Today, Alex works as a Senior Writer for the award-winning game studio Deep Silver Volition. He’ll show you how science and systems thinking inform industrial-strength creativity, and how these methods encourage cultures of success in any industry.

You will learn new tools to break down complex problems into navigable steps and isolate useful solutions, the building blocks of the creative process.

This event will help you zero-in on successful ideas and create with a purpose.

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Stand and Deliver: How to Use the Power of Executive Presence in Every Conversation to Fast Forward Your Business

with Jan Nolte

February 3, 6:00 pm

Jan Nolte PicPublic Speaking occurs every time you speak to someone other than yourself.

Yes, you are perpetually presenting.

How you sound and look has more impact on getting attention and keeping attention than what you say.

Executive Presence is critical to moving your business forward.  Executive Presence leverages your credibility in every interaction for optimal influence.

You have got to make every conversation count; meetings, phone calls, teleconferences, sales pitches, networking, presentations, media interviews, panel discussions, emails and more.

Jan Nolte, Leadership Communication Specialist and founder of The Influential Voice, will show you how in this interactive event.

You’ll learn and practice key skills that will get you noticed and remembered – for all the right reasons!

Jan provides leaders with the communication skills that exude confidence, authenticity, smarts and vision in their organizations and the marketplace.

She is a certified professional coach who utilizes decades of theatre experience in her work with a broad range of private and corporate clients in the US and abroad.

It is time for you to be heard above the din out there and this evening will show you how.

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Cyber Security and You: Essential advice to survive in the age of cybercrime and cyber terrorism

with Chris Moschovitis

Tuesday, January 6, 6:00 p.m.

chrismoschovitisHardly a day goes by that we don’t learn of another attack by hackers against governments, businesses, or individuals.  Be it cyber warfare sponsored by countries, cyber terrorism by fringe groups, or hacking by criminals, we are living in a new world where our most valuable asset – our data – is under constant attack.  After this talk by Chris Moschovitis, president of tmg-emedia, you will leave with a clear understanding of what is going on, what’s at stake, your risk, and what you can do to protect yourself. 

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How Collaboration, Shared Values and Work Culture are the New Black in Corporate Growth Strategies

with Phil McKenzie

November 11, 6:00 pm

Phil McKenzie PicCorporate culture is under significant stress, as employers and employees struggle to find common ground in identifying and maintaining focus in achieving business goals.

Phil McKenzie, the Founder of InfluencerCon, understands these challenges and has developed an approach that identifies and supports cooperative culture that delivers value to multiple stakeholders.

Phil sees the next generation of leaders as those who pursue influencer culture.

Influencer culture is based on the pursuit of creativity, open and fair exchange, passion, collaboration and a commitment to rich and  authentic personal experiences.

By bringing together corporate innovators and game-changers, InfluencerCon has established itself as the leading consultancy for those managers who are seeking to establish vital, dynamic and flexible workplaces.

The InfluencerCon methodology breaks down traditional silo-directed thinking and encourages cross-functionality and cross-pollination of strategies, concepts, customer interfaces and, ultimately, corporate growth.

Prior to founding InfluencerCon, Phil was Managing Partner of FREE DMC, an influencer marketing agency that specializes in integrated marketing strategy, digital content creation, and experiential events. He graduated with an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

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Integrity: An Access to Effective Leadership


with Christopher Gates

Thursday, September 18, 6 pm

In a one-hour fully interactive conversation, Christopher Gates, a member of the Yale Club, introduces a new model of integrity developed by a group of leadership scholars led by Werner Erhard and Michael Jensen, which you can read HERE.

Chris shares how applying this new model of integrity provides access at any moment to power, freedom, and peace of mind in any area that calls for effective action.

Christopher C. Gates, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, supports individuals and family groups with wealth management. As a volunteer, he works as a leadership coach with grassroots community leaders in Northern Ireland, Israel, and the US. As a hobby, he has appeared as an actor on TV and in film. He lives in New York City and Aspen, CO.

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Law on Your Side: How to Structure Your Business to Attract Funding

with Larry Hui and Jonathan Ain

Tuesday, August 5th, 6 pm

Larry Hui photoMany companies are looking to expand their businesses and are looking for ways to seek investment resources.

Often, business managers can take advantage of the legal structure and organization of their companies to position themselves in the most powerful, positive light to attract potential investors.

Our speakers, Larry Hui and Jonathan Ain, are experts in knowing what investors seek as they pursue companies with the greatest growth upside.

All too often business owners will not pay enough attention at the inception of their business to certain basic legal details that could ultimately spell the difference between a venture that is readily “fundable” and a venture that is so littered with potential landmines as to raise serious doubts in the mind of a potential investor as to whether their investment is worth the risk regardless of the business fundamentals.

Larry and Jonathan will help you appreciate the perspective that potential investors will bring when they are evaluating an investment opportunity.Jonathan Ain Photo

Larry Hui is a corporate and securities lawyer with over 25 years of experience advising businesses, investors and lenders in a variety of financing transactions.

Jonathan Ain is a corporate and securities attorney who regularly works alongside start-ups and closely held businesses.   He has deep experience angel and venture capital financings as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Both Larry and Jonathan are partners at Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, a 55-lawyer firm in NYC.

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The Power of Branding: You don’t buy a brand, you join a brand

With Clotaire Rapaille, CEO and Founder of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide

July 1st, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Dr. Rapaille - photoDr. G. Clotaire Rapaille is an internationally known expert in Cultural Archetypes, Creativity and Innovation. His unique approach to marketing combines a psychoanalyst’s depth of analysis with a business people’s attention to practical concerns.

He has written more than fourteen books. His most popular book, The Culture Code was #9 on the bestseller list of Business week and has been translated in twelve languages. His work has been lauded in both corporate and academic circles

Cultural archetypes pre-determine how members of a culture perceive their world and react to it.  Every element of a culture has an archetype and every cultural archetype has a code that explains why people do what they do.

Early childhood imprinting sets the stage for the assimilation of these cultural archetypes, which form the basis for decision making on a deeply reptilian and unconscious level.  Breaking the code for these archetypes can benefit companies and organizations from a variety of perspectives, including: product development, marketing, advertising, public relations, research and development and customer service.

Dr. Rapaille has discovered codes for over half of the world’s Fortune 100 companies, and has done work with brands from diverse sectors, such as automotive, consumer goods and financial services.

This is an exceptionally rare opportunity to listen to an expert on human behavior share his vision about the consumer unconscious, and how best to appeal to our reptilian minds.

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Opportunity Culture: What is it, how it’s built, and where it can take your business

Mark Monchek - picTo stay competitive, today’s businesses must be able to discover opportunities, evaluate them quickly and launch the right ones.

Companies that are known for thriving regardless of the economy (like Apple, Google and Zappos) have a specific methodology that enables them to adapt quickly and effectively.

At this May 6th event, you will be immersed in a powerful interactive program that will highlight the key principles used by successful companies to build cultures of opportunity and outline a step by step process that will help your company do the same. Participants will be taught how to build a culture of opportunity and become skilled at seeing, evaluating and implementing opportunities that spur sustainable growth.

Mark Monchek, President of Opportunity Lab, founded this company out of a passion to empower conscious leaders to build great companies that make a difference in the world. Mark has spent 25 years of growing entrepreneurial businesses and non-profit enterprises.

He started the firm on the principle of “Doing Well By Doing Good” and constantly strives to empower leaders to build companies that are more sustainable, more profitable, and that make life better for their employees, customers, and local communities. Mark has worked with leaders from Google, Apple, and The New York Times (among many other high profile organizations).

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Commercial Banking and Crowd Funding: Vital Resources for Capital in a Rebounding Economy

Ed Sirlin

Something old, something new … to borrow a phrase, has relevance to today’s investment opportunities.

Companies seeking investment funding to grow their business have viable and attractive choices of capital sourcing.

Commercial banking, perceived in recent years as somewhat stodgy, is making a resurgent return.  Traditional banking provides the funds required for companies to invest and enhance business outcomes. This formula is being rediscovered as commercial banks are single minded about this approach.

Crowd funding, originally seen as serving artists and emerging musicians, has recently taken a star turn for credentialed investors. The investment community has noticed that crowd funding is no longer an adolescent and instead, is an adult, offering significant value to those who understand it.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Ed Sirlin, Senior Vice President of Signature Bank, a commercial bank,  and Scott Miller, Partner of Kantor, Davidoff, Mandelker, Twomey, Gallanty & Olenick, P.C., a law firm, which advises companies about capital raising transactions, including crowd funding.

They will lead a discussion of trends in sourcing capital and how these resources can positively impact corporate and economic growth cycles.

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Fast-Track Workshop: 10 Innovative Ways to Transform Your Business Challenge

Mitchell Rigie, innovation consultant, corporate trainer, speaker and coauthor of the book, SmartStorming: The Game-Changing Process for Generating Bigger, Better Ideas, will share 10 proven ways you can innovate your product, service or business process in 2014.

Come prepared for an informative and interactive evening. You are encouraged to bring a real-world business challenge and discover new ways to improve, evolve, or transform it using the same types of creative problem-solving approaches that innovation-driven leaders like Apple, Google, and Nike use to stay on the cutting edge of their industries.

What you will learn in the workshop:Mitchell Rigie_Small_Hi-Res_CC_Final-3

  • What makes innovation so essential to your business success
  •  Why innovation is the “New Darwinism” in business
  • Understand the 3 most common types of business or product innovation
  • 10 ways you can innovate your product, service or business process
  • How to think and act more innovatively every day

Mitchell is a partner in SmartStorming LLC, a groundbreaking innovation consulting and training company that has worked with many of today’s most innovative companies, including: Google, Under Armour, NBCUniveral, Siemens, Diageo and Omnicom. Their SmartStorming Brainstorm Leadership training has been taught to MBA candidates at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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