What’s In Store for the Future of Print Media?

June 4, 2013 (Room TBA), 6:00pm (Promptly!)

Jack Griffin
Principal, Empirical Media Advisors

Print media has been facing strong headwinds from the digital world, with the public consuming media online and getting their news, information and reviews from blogs and subject-driven web resources.

Jack Griffin

Club member Jack Griffin of Empirical Media Advisors, is a veteran of print media and print media crises.  He has worked for Meredith Publishing and Time Inc., among many others where he has lead breakthrough initiatives as a publisher.

Jack will address the disruptions in the media landscape with some publishers moving entirely to a digital presence, others selling their assets and still others seeking to re-engineer their business to maintain both online and offline presences.

The implications for print media extend beyond that industry to include retail, entertainment and consumer product marketing.  There is much that weighs in the balance and Jack will offer his perspectives on what is ahead.


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The Future of Broadway

Join us on Aprl 2nd (Room: TBA) at 6:00pm at The Yale Club of New York for:

Manny Azenberg
Broadway Theater Producer

Manny Azenberg, veteran producer who received a 2012 Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement, has produced 65 shows, receiving 25 Tony Award nominations and 8 Tony Awards. He has produced more than 20 Neil Simon shows as well as the Billy Joel-inspired dance musical Movin’ Out, Sunday in the Park with George, Ain’t Misbehavin’ , Rent and Baz Luhrmann’s La Boheme.

Manny will present his views on American theater, his vision for the future, and address questions like:

  • Is Broadway a crucible of art or commerce?  Has it become Las Vegas East?
  • Is there room for innovation on Broadway or is that a goal for Off-Broadway?
  • Has Broadway priced itself out of the marketplace for New Yorkers, leaving tourists as the prime audiences?

This is a rare opportunity to listen to an industry leader who has been called the gold standard of Broadway theater.

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The New PR Revolution: How Digital Public Relations Puts the Power in Your Hands

March 5th 2013 (Room TBA), 6:00pm

David Kalson
Senior Partner, Post and Beam Public Relations

Time was when public relations was a rarefied communications tool reserved for companies fielding big PR agencies looking to gain positive coverage in the news media.  Enter the digital age! A revolution is underway in PR that has democratized and changed the playing field forever – for all size companies: Big and small.

While pitching one’s stories to reporters continues to be a solid approach, strategies built on sharing information online via social media, news and information web sites are now available as leading choices for many communications experts.

David Kalson is a veteran PR professional and is a senior partner at Post and Beam, an innovative public relations, design and software development agency with expertise in a wide range of product and service industries.  David will address how current technologies have spurred the ability of business managers to fuel their own communications plans on their terms. And, as every front page, digital or print, now attests, the digital world also brings new vulnerabilities to business.

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Next Stop: New York! What’s Ahead for our Tourism and Convention Industry

Join us on Tuesday February 5th,  6:00pm,  at the Yale Club‘s Branford Suite, 17th Floor for:

George Fertitta
CEO, NYC & Co.,
New York City’s Marketing and Tourism Organization

New York City is one of the world’s most coveted destinations for both leisure and business travelers after many years of investment in marketing our city as the premier travel venue.George Fertitta (2)

George Fertitta has spearheaded the city’s significant marketing efforts to attract domestic and international public and private sector partnerships to create New York as the stellar brand for tourism and conventions.

Looking ahead, what can we expect as global markets shift, the financial world shrinks, media and communications are disrupted and other destinations flourish?

George is a veteran of the advertising industry and founded a major ad agency for many years which he sold prior to being recruited by Michael Bloomberg to head NYC & Co.  His work has contributed to the exponential growth of the many industries based on travel, such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, convention sales as well as marketing support organizations.

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Fashioning the Future: What’s Ahead for the Fashion Industry in New York

Join us on Tuesday January 8th,  6:00pm,  at the Yale Club‘s Branford Suite, 17th Floor for:

Jeff Kapelman
co-CEO of Hilldun

 Jeff Kapelman, co-CEO of Hilldun, a leading factor in the fashion industry, has extensive expertise with emerging companies in the apparel business. In addition, Jeff serves on the Board of the Fashion Service Network, an educational and networking council of New York’s leading service providers to the fashion industry.  

From his vantage point, Jeff has an excellent view of the state of the fashion industry, once a reliable mainstay of our local ecojeffrey-kapelmannomy.  Jeff will address a range of issues that impact the success and stability of an industry predicated on innovation, flexibility and multi-disciplinary approaches both within traditional and tech-savvy fashion brands.

Where are the opportunities in light of intense overseas competition, disruption of the retailer community, fickle consumer tastes dictated by online and entertainment entities and e-commerce platforms that place additional pressure on design, manufacturing and delivery planning? Jeff will provide us with fascinating insights into openings for business people who can capitalize on trends and act appropriately in response to them.

For the past 50 years, Hilldun has provided factoring and financial services to a variety of business owners including manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and service providers. Specializing and understanding the needs of small and mid-size business, Hilldun provides companies with the working capital they need to fuel the growth of their brands.


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Thank you for a great inaugural year!

And what a year it has been!

Our forum was launched  in May, and we were privileged to have six great speakers deliver lectures to our community.   We heard about The Past, Present, and Future Of Green Investing, about Innovation, about The Next Great Entrepreneurial Opportunity, about The Decline and Resurgence of American Manufacturing, about The Hospitality Industry in New York, and closed with Water: The Forgotten Utility.

We have 89 members that have registered for our emails and invitations of which 57 have attended our monthly meetings, many repeat attendees and several attendee referrals.  We are grateful to all of you for making this group a success, your feedback and suggestions, and your investment of time.

This community is young and strong, and it means a lot to us as curators to see it grow.  We promise to keep things interesting in the coming year.  We have already booked speakers all the way out to May!  Stay tuned for the announcements and invitations via e-mail, and keep checking right here for all the latest.

Now is the time to celebrate!  TLIB past attendees will be receiving an e-mail invitation to the tmg-emedia holiday party at the Yale Club.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Please keep your suggestions coming, and have a healthy, safe, and happy holiday season and an even better New Year!

Chris Moschovitis
Anna Murray





Water: The Forgotten Utility and What the Global Water Crisis Means for Business

Join us on Tuesday November 6th,  6:00pm,  at the Yale Club‘s Branford Suite, 17th Floor for

Dr. Sarah Kapnick
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Visiting Scientist at Princeton University’s
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program

Water is taken for granted as a utility of little or no concern in light of the market pressures on electricity, gas, oil and coal, particularly here in the North East.   However, this marginalized resource is not as abundant as it looks and its lack currently has a significant impact on business growth both here and abroad.Dr. Sarah Kapnick

Sarah will address issues, trends and developments as well as economic opportunities surrounding water use and conservation including Water Shortages, Impacted Areas, Manufacturing & Pricing Impact, Trends, Solutions, and New Technologies.

Sarah  is well published in the area of hydroclimate variability with a particular emphasis on understanding the mechanisms controlling snow and water cycle variability. She is also a co-founder of Vertum Partners, LP, a Department of Energy funded start-up company based in Los Angeles that provides power production risk assessment software for renewable energy stakeholders. Prior to her academic career, she worked as an investment banking analyst in the Financial Institutions Group at Goldman Sachs. Sarah received her PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from University of California-Los Angeles and AB in Mathematics from Princeton University.


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The Hospitality Industry in New York: What’s New, What’s Next, What’s Growing


Join us on Thursday October 18th,  6:00pm,  at the Yale Club‘s Branford Suite, 17th Floor for

Hervé Houdré
Regional Director of Operations and General Manager
InterContinental New York Barclay

The hospitality industry has long been one of the economic pillars of the New York economy and that trend appears to be on track to continue. Hotels form the backbone of the visitor experience here and astute managers have noticed stark shifts in their interests, demands and expectations of their time here.

One of Europe and America’s most respected hoteliers, Hervé Houdré began his tenure as Regional Director of Operations and General Manager of the InterContinental New York Barclay in October, 209.  Prior to this, he held the position of General Manager of the Willard InterContinental Washington D.C. since 2004.

Houdré was named “2006 Independent Hotelier of the World” by HOTELS magazine. He serves on the Boards and Executive Committees of the NYC Hotel Association and NYC & Company (Convention & Visitors Bureau) as well as on the Board of GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council).  A leader in sustainable hospitality, Houdré published Sustainable Hospitality©, a white paper utilized by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research.


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The Decline and Resurgence of American Manufacturing: Trends for the Future

Join us on Tuesday September 18th,  6:00pm,  at the Yale Club‘s Branford Suite, 17th Floor for

Gary Brooks
Management Consultant

Conventional wisdom has it that manufacturing has staked its niche in the past of American business enterprise, having been supplanted by myriad less expensive overseas operations.  “Not so fast!” says Gary Brooks, who has exhaustively researched not only the re-emergence of engineering-based organizations, but those industries poised for significant manufacturing growth.Gary Brooks

Gary Brooks, CMC, CTP has over 40 years of diversified executive management and consulting experience.  He has personally counseled and provided interim management & restructuring services to more than 200 companies.  His career affiliations include the General Electric, Kodak, VP of Operations for a U.S. subsidiary of Agfa, and as Division Executive managing a subsidiary of the Scott Paper Company.

As the co-founder and Managing Principal of Allomet Partners, he managed the New York office of an international firm specializing in strategic planning and technological forecasting and for 8 years served as Managing Principal of a major New England restructuring consulting firm.

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The Next Great Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Thank you all for attending!

“The Next Great Entrepreneurial Opportunity:
How to Identify Market White Space”

You can find links to David’s presentation and supporting material on his web site.

David Teten is a Partner with ff Venture Capital and Founder and Chairman of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York. He is co-founder of the Venture Capital Access Program, which helps women and minority entrepreneurs raise venture capital from members of the HBS Angels network.  ff has invested over 150 times in over 55 companies since 1999.

David is Chairman and Founder of Navon Partners, a data analytics startup focused on analyzing private companies for investment, and former Acting CEO of Vertical Key, a web-based software service for managing large-scale events. He was previously a Managing Director with Evalueserve, a 2,500-person global research and analytics company, and Founder and CEO of Circle of Experts, an investment research firm acquired by Evalueserve.

David was formerly Founder and CEO of GoldNames, an Israel-based investment bank focusing on the internet domain name asset class. He worked with Bear Stearns’ Investment Banking division in their technology/defense mergers and acquisitions team, and was a strategy consultant with Mars & Co. David holds a Harvard MBA and a Yale BA, both with honors.